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We are THE place to find all of your replacement speaker parts and components in the New Orleans area.  Our stock is always changing, so give us a call today to see if we have what you need here in store.  


Here are some of the items we regularly stock: 


15" Peavey Speaker Replacement Baskets

18" Peavey Speaker Replacement Baskets

12" Black Widow SPS Whole Speakers

Peavey ECS3x, ECS150x, ECS1000x Crossovers

Yamaha Woofers

RX 22 Diagphrams 

22 XT Diagphrams

Peavey Sheffield 10" Speakers

12" Peavey Scorpion Speaker Replacement Baskets 

Celestion 10" Speakers 


277 Plauche Street - New Orleans, LA 70123

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